About Us


Bill Crespo assembled a group of PRO’s in their respected fields.  Each bring a unique approach to coaching, training, business development, sales performance.


There are inherited differences between an amateur, a professional, and an elite level of performance. It was important to be able to provide individuals that aspire to take their business to a new level, the tools, the research, and training that will provide a Path2PRO level performance. We at Path2PRO are and have been dedicated to provide this form of coaching to those seeking to be different and to accomplish more with their sales performance and business development.

Bill Crespo Bio

Bill Crespo is an executive sales performance coach and speaker who has helped clients in the areas of business development, and sales performance. His coaching focuses on optimizing sales performance in individuals, and teams.

In his 11 years of coaching, he’s done over 14,000 coaching sessions, averaging a 30% to 50% increase in sales performance for his clients.

Crespo’s unique approach to coaching is the main reason for his continued success. Crespo is passionate about helping individuals and teams realize their best potential. He knows that every situation is different. The coaching sessions he provides are customized to meet the needs of each client.

At the beginning of the coaching sessions, Bill asks clients where they are currently and where they would like to end up. He performs an analysis of their present performance, clarifies the vision and direction of where the client would like to go, and then works with the client to create an action plan to close the gap.

According to Bill, coaching is all about confronting challenges, educating, and motivating clients to realize their best potential.

Before becoming a coach Bill worked in a variety of different professions. He worked for the FBI, as a small business owner, model, DJ, and real estate agent.

In 1985, Bill’s mother Nilsa Crespo passed away at the young age of 50. This event had a large impact on his life.

Nilsa had a passion for children and helping them learn to read. She spent her life as a reading specialist, working to transform a child’s reading experience. She spent countless hours teaching children to read.

After her death, Bill realized his life purpose and desire to coach and help others. Bill knew he wanted to dedicate his life to inspiring, educating, and helping people reach their full potential.