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Are you in the moment or are you chasing shiny objects?

As I coach my clients I have noticed that distractions are limiting the growth potential of individuals who want to succeed at greater levels. Some are stuck in limiting behavior patterns that destroy their hope to more income and less stress. One of the most common limiting patterns is allowing distractions to interfere with what we should be doing at any given time.

We have so much coming at us all day long that we do not know what to do first… should I take the call?, should I tweet?, should I check my Facebook?, should I text?… no I will just call? or, if you dare… write a note… should I work on paperwork… etc. I call these multiple distractions “shiny objects” Then once we decide you have to choose what device. This could happen every hour of the day.

Can you see why we are so unproductive at times?

By not being focused in the moment we get frustrated with the results and productivity is low. Multitasking is not cool anymore. In the car it can kill you. Being in the moment with fewer distractions is much cooler and safer.

Wikipedia defines focus as “selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment” So my question is… What is the most important aspect in your business to concentrate on? Are you being distracted with a shiny objects? If so here are some tips to remember so that you achieve your goals and stay focused.

F = follow a plan, read it daily

O = Organize your day, do certain activities at specific times

C = Commit to change, remember why it is important for you to create a new pattern or do you enjoy the stress of low productivity?

S = See yourself changing and getting the outcome you want… visualize your success.

Get out of the way… stay focused and allow the potential you have to come out. You will be amazed.

Have a powerful and focused day.

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