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Prospecting is a game of accuracy

You can not hit a target unless you know what you are aiming for. Better accuracy occurs with a clear concise target. As a professional sales person if you waste time with a suspect that you think is a prospect that will turn into a lead you have just lost a lot of time and money. When we do not have enough business we lose the accuracy of our prospecting efforts and we get desperate. Just because a person would like to speak to you about your product or service does not qualify them to be a lead. Here is a question, do you have a well defined standard for your leads? The higher the goal, the higher the standard you need to have when you prospect for leads. When you get a name that you have not pre-qualified it starts out as a suspect. When you speak with them it becomes either a prospect or a name that goes into the trash can.

Lets go back to the beginning when you first speak to the suspect. Your goal is to find business that will turn into a transaction in a specific time. You are prospecting for 2 things. – “now” business or “later” business. For example, lets say that you classify your leads in 3 categories, “A”s, (less than 30 days), “B”s (30-90 days), “C”s (90-120 days), you pick the times that make sense for your industry.

Here is why prospecting is a game of accuracy, if you are working with a “B” or a “C” when you think its an “A” what happens to your time and income? You wasted lots of time and made no income, at least for right now you didn’t. In today’s market you have to know the type of lead you are working with so that if you realize you have enough “A”s you need to increase your efforts so you spend time with the lead that gets you the income the fastest. The other side of the coin is if you do not recognize the urgency that the lead has and mis-categorize it, they will go to your competitor. Here are some tips.

  • Have a pre-qualifying questionnaire that you use on 100% of all suspects to determine if it is a prospect.
  • Classify your leads A B or C.
  • The higher the prospects motivation the higher the caliber of lead.
  • Keep high standards. just because they want to talk does not qualify them for your time.
  • Use an efficient lead follow up system to eliminate dropping the ball.

You will always be a high producer when you constantly keep a large pipeline of “A” leads. Sharpen your skills.

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