Doing the 5

A simple daily approach to your business that will provide tremendous results. Doing the “5” will keep you consistent when distractions come your way. This is your Path2PRO.

2 Minute Power Prospecting Drill – Lead Follow Up

Simple way of never losing a lead. This is for your immediate lead pipeline (90 days or less).

Secrets of A Good Script

Most of today’s script that sales individuals are using to day are based on “old school” techniques. You end up sounding like a sales person. You need these tips to ...



What Are They Saying?

Thank you so much Bill, the class today was just what I needed, it’s like a lightbulb just came on. I would very much like to attend the webinar, can you please add me to the attendees list. I want and need to go to the next level!
BILL!!! I must say I haven’t had a better coach. I like the fact that you stop me as soon as I make a mistake! Really needed that boost! Just had to say thank you again!
Really needed that boost
Really appreciate your approach. So glad you joined us here at eXpRealty. Just want to tell you that you are a standout! Had found your YouTube presentations before eXp = far superior to the vast majority of other “coaches” – Like that you have integrated your very authentic human qualities into your approach. Feels right. Feels good.
Hi Bill, I came across your videos with Frank from Vyral marketing on YouTube recently. They have been so helpful. Literally, in the first two days of using a couple of your scripts, set two appointments. I had been calling for months with absolutely nothing to show for it.