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What Are They Saying?

Thank you so much Bill, the class today was just what I needed, it’s like a lightbulb just came on. I would very much like to attend the webinar, can you please add me to the attendees list. I want and need to go to the next level!
Really appreciate your approach. So glad you joined us here at eXpRealty. Just want to tell you that you are a standout! Had found your YouTube presentations before eXp = far superior to the vast majority of other “coaches” – Like that you have integrated your very authentic human qualities into your approach. Feels right. Feels good.
Hi Bill, I came across your videos with Frank from Vyral marketing on YouTube recently. They have been so helpful. Literally, in the first two days of using a couple of your scripts, set two appointments. I had been calling for months with absolutely nothing to show for it.
BILL!!! I must say I haven’t had a better coach. I like the fact that you stop me as soon as I make a mistake! Really needed that boost! Just had to say thank you again!
Really needed that boost